Leave Normal Behind

Ushering the Modern-Day Renaissance

Amplify, Share, and Protect Your Inner Flame 

Leave Normal Behind is more than just a community, it’s an empowerment movement dedicated to fostering conscious living, personal growth, and breaking away from conventional norms. At LNB, our mission is simple: to make the world a better place by inspiring and supporting people to become their best selves, give back, love, create what matters, and encourage others to do the same.

Become Your Best Self

People who leave normal behind are continuous learners, open-minded, & have humility. We are committed to showing up as our best self every day.

Give Back

Our community shares value, knowledge, insight, & time. We are here to connect with one another and lend a helping hand to others.


Love is our most powerful currency. LNB-minded people lead with love & are not ego-centric. Our community wants to elevate others.

Create What Matters

We are a movement of long-lasting change & positive impact. We are intentional & meaningful with the things we say and do. 

Encourage Others To Do The Same

We can't stop at ourselves. LNB creates a ripple effect so that others can live a purpose-driven & fulfilled life. 

We are an intergenerational global knowledge network and resource-sharing community comprised of heart-centered and passionate individuals from all walks of life. Together, we share a common purpose: to leave normal behind and embrace a life of extraordinary impact.

The Power of Collective Consciousness

In a world craving transformation, we find inspiration in the profound lessons of the Maharishi Effect—a phenomenon that unveils the immense power of collective consciousness. At LNB, we believe that change begins with the commitment of a dedicated few. Just as the Maharishi Effect revealed that 1% of a population can create notable positive shifts, we aspire to harness this principle to make the world a better place.

The Maharishi Effect has shown that when a mere 1% of a population comes together with shared intention and focus, a ripple of positivity can engulf an entire region. Crime rates drop, societal harmony thrives, and prosperity abounds. This phenomenon reinforces our core belief—that a small but dedicated community, like LNB, can lead the way to global change.

7 Principles of LNB

Practical Optimism

Continuous Learning

Unrelenting Compassion

Refined Humility





Why Join Leave Normal Behind?

Expansive Community

Private network of modern-day leaders and rising stars who are purpose-driven, talented, and successful.

Life Ownership

A support system that assists you on your journey of life ownership and fulfillment. 

Human Development

Access to shared knowledge and resources to keep your inner flame lit.

Exclusive Events

Connect with LNB-minded people in unique and immersive experiences.

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