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By contributing any amount you become a 'Founding Member' of LNB™ and receive a Limited-Edition 'Founding Member' T-Shirt & 'Founding Member' Bracelet designed by celebrity jeweler and artisan Greg Yuna, as well as a variety of other benefits, perks, rewards, and membership options.

10% of contributions will go towards a social good initiative that all Founding Members will vote on and participate in.

( we recommend min $100/yr - $1000/yr )      

Leave Normal Behind 

 Here are the facts:


The mission of LNB™ is to make a positive influence on humanity by inspiring others to become the best version of themselves, give back, love, create things that matter, and encourage others to do the same.

The goal is to help more than 7 billion people become the best version of themselves. 

The world is watching.

 By contributing to become a 'Founding Member' of LNB you aid in the emergence of this conscious movement.


Right now we need you to become a'Founding Member' of LNB and contribute proportionate to your means.

Leave Normal Behind is a content. community, and events hub for purpose-driven people.

Please contribute an amount proportionate to your means that directly reflects your support for the movement, community, and mission.

If you can only contribute $1 please give $1.

If you can only contribute $100, please give $100.

If you can contribute $1,000, please do so.

And if you can contribute $10,000 or more, please do so.

 This will shift paradigms for economists around the world and show that a Pay-What-You-Can Model works because of shared values. 

LNB Membership

Knowledge Supply

-Exclusive Content
-Book Summaries
-Exclusive Interviews
-Workbooks & Worksheets


- Access to LNB Founding Member Events

LNB Marketplace

- Access to exclusive deals, discounts, and benefits from some of your favorite brands.

-More Info Coming Soon


-Membership to a private network of modern-day leaders and rising stars who are purpose-driven, talented, and successful.

Human Development

- Qualify for LNB Accelerator Program 

'Founding Member' 


Limited 'Founding Member' Tee and bracelet

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Contribute $1000 or more

Includes all the above plus:

Top Contributor

Founding Member Dinner

-Be recognized as a top contributor on our website and live on stage during our Annual LNB Experience

- Access to exclusive 5 Course Founding Member Mastermind & Connection Dinner by Celebrity Executive Chefs.

LNB Advisor

- Qualify to join Advisory Board

LNB Gift Box

- Gift box filled with merchandise and other goodies.

Contribute $10,000 or more

Includes all the above plus:

Mastermind Retreat

- Gain access to exclusive multi-day LNB Mastermind Retreat. Location TBD.


- Increased exposure by featured placement on LNB website, Above Normal Podcast, and other media properties.

Investor Network

- Qualify for LNB Investor Network 

Private Chat

- LNB Private Chat

LNB Support

- Access to private LNB Hotline for 24/7 service.

Luxury Package

- Diamond & Gold 'Founding Member' Jewelry bracelet.

- Exclusive Destinations Travel Package


Goal: $5000,000

Your contribution proves to economists and investors around the world that a reliably profitable Pay-What-You-Can membership model EXISTS!

This contribution is a annual contribution and covers the cost of your annual membership fees and other hard costs like venues, merchandise, and staff.

Some think its risky to use a Pay-What-You-Can Membership Model because in theory all members could contribute $1, which does not cover the hard costs of their membership, and then we would go out of business.

We think differently because of a shared set of values.

Your contribution directly impacts our ability to serve the world and provide our members with the best experience.

  You are participating in a global paradigm-shift.

In order to include everyone who shares the LNB mission and values we decided to open a Pay-What-You-Can Contribution Model instead of a Flat-Fee model because a Flat-Fee model prevents some individuals who have integrity, but low finances, cannot afford it. 

 A Pay-What-You-Can Model allows us to accept all members who qualify because of their moral fiber, yet still provide exclusive benefits, options, and experiences for our wealthier members who want more and can contribute more.

 This is a revolutionary approach and we cannot succeed without your participation. 

 Now we show the strength, power, and influence of those who share LNB values and consider themselves to be Elevated Minds. 

 Now we make history.

Simply put …

We humbly ask for your generous contribution of $1, $100, $1000, $10k, $100k, $1m (which some of you reading have laying around) , or any number in between, to etch your place in history forever.

Your contribution enables us to serve you at the highest levels and showcase the power and demand of our Founding LNB Members.

If you are reading, then you are here for a reason.

Your contribution makes a significant statement.

It’s at this moment where you help us shift paradigms and aid in the emergence of purpose-driven commerce.

You do this specifically by:




Over the last 5 years we have met amazing people, like you, who share the LNB values.

Doing so makes the world a better place and ensure the brightest future for us and all future generations.

We cannot accomplish our mission and goals by ourselves.

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Ideas & Partnerships

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LNB™ is a for-purpose, for-profit business.

Contributions are not tax-deductible. Contributions give LNB Members varying levels of access to knowledge, services, community networks, products, resources, and more.